Cherryburn NT

Cherryburn is the National Trust Museum and birthplace of Thomas Bewick, artist, naturalist and wood engraver. (1753-1828)

I am very lucky to be  able to volunteer in the press room  at Cherryburn where I demonstrate wood engraving and printing, and copper plate printing to visitors. We have an Albion relief press dating from 1830, and a star wheel etching press from 1860. We mix our own inks using French and Frankfurt blacks, with copper plate oil. We have copies of Thomas Bewick’s wood engraving blocks which we print, and I am also doing my own wood engraving and etching so I can share the progress of my  work too.

Cherryburn is now closed for the winter and opens again on Saturday, 18th February 2017.

During the season which runs from 18th February-31st October 2017 I will be in the press room most Thursdays.

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