Finding the fish

I visited the river at Bywell on 11th November 2016, a lovely sunny day. I didn’t have my camera’s with me as I was on my way home from Newcastle.I thought I would see what had become of the blue rope mystery, so I walked along to the area where I thought it had been tied. Standing looking over the water, I smelled something and looking down found a large dead fish lying on the rocks. Wow! As I had my wellies on I waded along the waters edge eager to get back to the car and return with camera gear. Amazingly I walked right up to another dead fish a few yards away lying underwater. I took a lot of video which needs editing, and here are a few of the photos taken over a 2 hour period in which the light changed and the river dropped very slowly. I feel so lucky! this is a fabulous array of images from which to derive engravings and prints. These fish were a few yards away from my ‘submarine’ fish sighting on 30th October, I wonder if it is the same fish?

There was a lot or rain after this and the following day I walked along the Tyne at Chipchase Mill, the river was very high and I knew that these fish would now be gone.

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