Exhausted Fish

I went to the river at Mickley Square on 19th November 2016. It was a lovely day, very cold.On the pebble beach I noticed some crows by the waters edge, but they didn’t seem to be eating anything. I wandered up the beach to the top, paused, looked down and there was a fish! My heart was racing and I watched the fish who only had the energy to breathe. I stayed for awhile,as if to keep vigil.  The river rocking the body of the fish as it lay still. Then a couple of times it moved. I was expecting it to die and it was only after a couple of hours that I left to come home. By this time the river had fallen slightly and it’s body was exposed.

I thought about this fish all weekend, and I didn’t really want to go back to see it dead. But yesterday I did return. As I walked along the beach, there was movement in the water a few yards ahead of me..it sensed me approaching! The fish swam into deeper water, it had more energy and flicked its tail fin slightly to keep its position in the river. It seemed to be recovering. Today the river is high after all the rain, I imagine the fish will have to use more energy now to keep itself in the stream as the current will be much stronger.

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