River Tyne: The Salmon, Sea Trout story

Salmon and Sea Trout engraving and story project.

I have been looking for a project to inspire a series of wood engravings and story which I would set with type, print and bind into small books. I would be able to do this at Cherryburn. So if you are visiting on a Thursday when I am usually in the press room, do ask how I am getting on!

I would like to create wood engravings based upon the Salmon’s journey, and create one or more children stories to go with them. Having found out recently that there are more Sea Trout making the journey and that they can make the journey up to 5 times! I had to include them too.

In order to learn about the fish and to find their story I am photographing the river, and the fish when I find them; Also Photographing fishermen and women who want to share their experiences, it would be good to create an oral history of fishing The Tyne too!

I will be blogging regularly about the project adding photos, engravings,video, as I go along. If you know good places along the North and South Tyne to see fish please do let me know, and if you want to be involved get in touch.

These photos are from the River Allen, part of the South Tyne, showing Sea trout attempting what looks impossible. Images ©shona branigan


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